Gathering hundreds of high-quality new media platforms with great distribution power to build the best brand images.

  • More than 100,000 daily view counts per platform

  • Platform users distributed across more than 300 cities

  • Use the least amount of time to produce the best quality content in the industry

  • Highly effective data analysis parsing user preferences, delivering the right content to the right audience

  • Increase publicity via well-known information and social platforms

Bridge you to

the Chinese Market

Exciting content & creative marketing, create a heart-to-heart brand to help you open windows of opportunity worldwide.

  • Highly personalised content, presenting the best marketing strategy

  • Highly experienced design team to produce amazing images in no time

  • Hundreds of flawless contents production cases

  • Efficient communication and unlimited content polishing

  • Long-term partners ranging across more than 20 sectors

Broad channels & vast resources, providing the most competitive prices, leaving you with unlimited possibilities.

  • Explosive distribution rates to break through the traditional marketing barriers

  • Maximising non-essential costs

  • Propagated among active users, and new users grow exponentially

  • Always keep up to date with the latest marketing methods

  • Concentrating the essence of the content and producing every word under careful consideration

Service Content

First Position

Article Writing

Image AD

Second Position Article Writing

Promotion in Community Groups

In-article AD

Online Activity

Trademark AD

Wechat Account Operation




​city university





Creating a sales miracle in the 

academic world, and being a 

dream executive of hundreds 

of thousands of students.

Allowing the professional brand 

to become more well-known and making the university more popular with students.

Connect the mountains and 

rivers you pass through, and 

cast the stories and impressions 

of students onto the map.

Famous universities are weaved 

into your genes, and there is a 

mysterious gravity between the 

students and the universities.

Our Team

With deep data mining and the unique use of communication of channels, the marketing team let the brand follow the trend and reach every customer. Weaving a huge network with 100,000+ followers and 250,000+ community group active users, they link the brand to the whole world.

Marketing team

With an accurate depiction of the demand and repeated data analysis, they make the ideas bloom on paper. They are constantly up-to-date with the latest trends in current affairs and customer desires, and are the most experienced professionals within this area.

Project planning team

Using the pen as a weapon and following your guidance to capture the market you want. Numbers of new media writers with great market experience gather here to make fragmented reading full of gold and surprises.

Content team

Design team

Paint what you want to convey as what your customers want to see. Being skilled in the language of design, they have material libraries within their minds, which allows the brand enter the hearts of the people in a flash.

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